Hi there. My name is Steve and I am new to this page and have finally realised that I need extra help. My story: From the age of 18, I have always enjoyed gambling for ‘fun’. Horses, dogs, casino, sport you name it I enjoyed it. I’m now 33 with a wife and a little boy turning 2 in January. I never ever thought that this ‘fun’ could turn into something so horrendous. I came clean to my wife about 12 months ago. I had just lost about $5000 trying to chase my losses. After the initial shock, she understood I needed support. We decided that I needed to stop, so I agreed with my wife that I would call gamblers helpline. I did enjoy that phone call but I was reluctant to pursue face to face counseling. Fast forward 12 months and I’ve relapsed again in a big way. Betraying her trust is probably the worst part about it. I am going to be booking in face to face counselling in the next few weeks. One thing that will help me stop is the pain I inflicted on her when I told her for the 2nd time. I was sick of being deceitful and doing it behind her back knowing that it would all unfold again anyway. Another that will help me is thinking of my poor son who has no say in all of this. I am going to get better. I have to or I’ll lose my wife and son. That’s more than money to gamble with. I have also told my parents for the first time for some extra accountability. I was ashamed, embarrassed and upset to do so. But I have found strength in their support. I would encourage those with strong relationships to consider the same. The one thing that gets me is that all walks of life can succumb to gambling. I’m educated, I know the risks and I know the harm it can cause. Yet I still found a way to lose another $5000 chasing my losses. I will find a way to make this work and in doing so I hope this helps others Cheers


Hi Steve,

Thank you for sharing your story which I am sure will help others.

Reaching out for help can be difficult but it is very important for recovery. I am glad to hear that you have reached out to those close to you for support. It is also important to seek professional help as you have done.

Remember if you need any extra support to call the Gambling Help Line for 24 hour fee and confidential support on 1800 858 858

Kind regards

Counselor Sam

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