I am a problem gambler. There is no denying this fact.
It started in high school with the spring carnival racing… it always seemed like harmless fun to put a few small bets on the melb cup each year.
Then when i went interstate for uni, I started to frequent the TAB and casino… over those years I prob lost abt 10k of my parents money which was the real shameful part.
I kicked the habit for a few years… I started working… somehow a year or so later i got back into it, which I think was partly related to boredom as I was working for a period in a regional area… I lost 30-40k… confessed to my partner at the time and together we conquered it.
A few happy years passed which were probably the happiest ever.
Then I got to the top of my profession… married and had a kid. Things were great.
Made good money, 500k a year… then a footy teammate suggested starting a punters club for the fellas… it requires opening up an online betting account… I knew this was dangerous but i thought it could handle it… I had learnt my lesson I thought …

Over the next 4 years or so… it has gotten out of hand… I would lose 30-50k in a month or two, then stop for a few months and the cycle would start again.
There were a few big wins in there to keep me going and the eventual big losses … even though I know that eventually I will lose it all, I kept doing it… it is as if the urge just outrides everything else…
I have just lost 44k in the past 2 months…
Over the past 4 years, I estimate total losses of 250k

I am drawing the line here… nov17…

I desperately want to share this w my wife bc I know that she will be able to keep me in check… I feel so sorry for her… the lying to her over the past few years… hiding my losses and making all these excuses abt why we haven’t bought a house yet… I’m just too afraid and ashamed to tell her…. to see her disappointment …. I’m a coward

This is time for me to be strong and resist all urges.
It’s so hard when the people fr the companies offer u these special offers of matched deposits of several thousand … that’s how the latest binge started… deposited 1.5k and withdrew 2.5k… and then the losses started …. again

Reading everyone’s stories has made me realize how common this is… thank you to the others for sharing. Although I feel I’m at a terrible spot now, I realize that things can always be worse.

I hope maybe my story might help someone else too

I’m not going to let this destroy my life … I’m gonna take back control before it’s too late.

Good luck to everyone who is reading this

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