Well it all started for me when i was about 16-17. I used to put bets on the rugby league at the local tab before i was legally allowed to. Amazingly enough through the till i was 18 i was winning…however only placing small bets like $10 or $20.
When i was 21 i met blackjack and roulette. What started off being $1 & $2 bets and losing $10 or $20 quickly became bigger bets and within a few weeks i had lost over $1000.
Now aged 34 i have lost in excess of $500,000. Im always chasing my last loss, consistently losing my wage on a weekly basis, resulting in further borrowing for rent/food etc. Yesterday after losing my last $100 i decided instead of moping in my room im going to run the bay and do some push-ups. I think when having an impulse it would be great to do some sort of exercise to get your mind off it.
Im one day off the punt. Have $20 to my name. Lets get this going for a while shall we?……

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