I’ve posted on here but I can’t seem find the post. But it was maybe 2 or more years ago. I remember it was after a hard loss, I was still gambling after a decade of discovering sports betting age 20. My last message on here was to state it was my last time I would gamble, but it never is/was. At the time I’m guessing that I may have drained my salary, borrowed from payday lenders a handful of times after my post. At age 30, I had no assets except personal items and a hand me down car. On January 1st 2016, I found my self in a leagues club having started a new job in December 2015 I had dropped a good chunk of my monthly salary on a NBA game, I was back living with parents. I would tell them it’s to help save for a house but in fact it was really I had no money due to my habit. Most normal people would be with family, at a BBQ or at the beach for New Year’s Day. Here I was feeling shame as I placed my bet at the TAB booth. I lost that bet on the 1st of Jan of course $500 on the one bet and I always think back to the person that took my bet and how sad I must have looked to them at that moment. Fast forward to today 12.17am Monday 17th July 2017. I haven’t gambled since that fateful day exactly 1 year 7 months and 16 days. Of course i may have randomly bet on fun things a small $5 bet with a friend on the outcome of the elections. Or a $10 max spend on the pokies but in almost two years I’m guessing I have gambled less than $50 in total whereas before when it was really bad I would drop $2k in a single bet easy. However other forms of gambling were not my poison. It was always sports gambling. And that is what I’m proud of. No sports gambling. Zero spent on sports gambling and less than $50 in almost two years on any and all other gambling. Today, I now own two cars, a house full of inventory, I have a healthy bank balance, a stable job and I’m about to start a small business venture and can pay bills without worry. And I’m proud to say I don’t live with family. I rent my a house by myself. Now this post isn’t to rub it in and blow my own horn. I was there in the worst possible place for 10 years absolutely filthy with every loss, in self made poverty, lying to everyone, racking up debt, having people bail me out of debt had people whispering why a grow man has nothing… but…I made it out unscathed and you can too. What was my method? I truly just got over the routine of gambling. An example of this is if you have been really fit and then decide your just too lazy to go and workout, you get unmotivated and lazy and let yourself go. Well this was my mentality that just happened to my gambling addiction. It wasn’t something I read or learnt. I truly just got over the feeling of being sick and too lazy to research odds and going to a TAB. To be honest I almost had a gamble two weeks ago which would have blown my almost 2 year streak. I thought it was a sure thing. Watched a lot of footage, and knew a ton about what I was looking at. But in the end I was too lazy to go and do anything about it and pull the bet off. The result of the game was not what I would’ve bet and I would have lost. And in the end I was glad I didn’t bet and I now feel like that temptation and passing that real challenge of thinking I was too far removed on my gambling hiatus and it would be okay to bet, has now made me finally get closer to realising that I may actually have kicked the habit. If your feeling right now sick in the pit of your stomach from a loss. Worrried about how your going to get to work. Eat. Or pay rent. I know how you feel. I’ve walked 7km to work just because I didn’t even have enough money to catch a bus to work. But let me remind you. You can and will make it out. Just seperate your mind and make gambling something you can’t be bothered with or that is such a bad knee jerk reaction that you won’t go near it. Thanks for reading. I wanted to write this on my 1 year no gambling anniversary but I didn’t truly feel seperated. After reading a few stories I thought now was the time. And hopefully some can take my experiences to be useful.



Thank you for taking the time to share your story, I can hear it has been something you have thought about doing for sometime and you finally feel you are in a space where you can be open and honest about your past.  Gambling is definitely in the past for you now, you are feeling stronger and more confident about moving forward from here.  After ten years of struggling with your urges, low self worth, gambling and financial issues, you have managed to move forward, change your lifestyle and develop your financial independence.  What an inspiration for others!  To hear you are able to recognise your gambling urges, surf through the urge wave and let it pass is wonderful, really well done.   Urge surfing is a really useful technique which can be helpful for anyone wanting to stop gambling.

Of course, anytime an urge represents or if you just want to talk things through please give Gambling Helpline a call on 1800 858 858 and the counsellors there will be able to support you 24 hours, 7 days a week.  Keep up the good work and thank you for taking the time to share your story with us today.

Take care,

Counsellor Sam

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