Real stories

You are not alone. These stories are from real people whose lives have been affected by gambling, and reflect the real emotions people go through on their journey to get back in control of their gambling.

By Mary
Hi all I gambled since I was 18 years old Now I’m 42 years old I stopped gambling in 2013 I was feeding the machine $50 $20 $10 $5 $1 until my wallet was so... Read More...>
By George
I thought I’d put my thoughts to writing. I’m 30 years old and have been a pokie addict since the age of 18. I’ve held a stable job my whole life but sadly have chosen... Read More...>
By Vivienne
I fight everyday with my addiction I say to myself I will just go and put $100 in the pokies and I could win $4000 which I’ve done before and have put all back in... Read More...>
By Anonymous
Hi I would like to remain anonymous, I’m 23 and for the past 3 years I have been a compulsive sports and racing gambler who has lost thousands of my hard earned money. It all... Read More...>
By Another Problem Gambler
Hi everyone, I’ve read so many stories on here that i can really relate to and would like to share this all of you. My story is similar to most. I was introduced to the... Read More...>
By Tricia
Hi, Tricia here. I am a poker machine addict and I am out of control. Let me tell you a bit more. A couple of years ago I reached crisis point when I had to... Read More...>
By Ratchet
Whilst working on front door at club I would see a man and a woman come in most nights to go and play the pokies and then a few hours later their kids would come... Read More...>
By Glenn
My addiction started many years ago 33 to be exact , millions of dollars gambled away on poker machines a lifetime of hard work and I am broke , writing this makes me realise how... Read More...>
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