Hi it’s Stephen again it’s been since last Thursday since I slipped up which I’m still annoyed at but I’m finding this is so difficult but I’m determined to beat this evil I’m gonna do what ever it takes to beat this I promised myself that I won’t slip up again I hope every one can find the will power to beat this I still find I have a tightness in my chest and a feeling off loss even though I haven’t gambled for 4 days I’m trying my best


Hi Stephen,


Thank you for your post on Real Stories.

I am sorry to read that you are still feeling annoyed and guilty after slipping up last week. I understand that it can be a very frustrating journey with lots of ups and downs. It sounds like even though it has been 4 days, you are still feeling the effects of the loss. In order to move forward and break the cycle, it is important to accept that money is gone to try and remove the temptation to chase your losses.

I’m curious to know what supports you have to help you along this journey? Sometimes it can be helpful to talk with a trusted friend or relative who can be there as a support when times get tough. 


I would also encourage you to seek some face to face counselling.  The main reason for this is so that you have some support i.e. someone to talk things over with while you are making lots of changes in your life.   There is free counselling provided by The Gambling Help Service and getting a handle on your gambling seems to be a good place to begin doing “something different” and will no doubt benefit your life in other ways.

You can call the Gambling Helpline 24/7 to get the name of a counsellor in your area, and of course you can  speak to the trained counsellor on the Helpline 1800 858 858.  Personally I think a phone call will get you more information more quickly but this may not be your thing and you may like to begin on the online chat service. http://www.gamblinghelponline.org.au/



Kind regards

Counsellor Sam

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