I have decided as of Dec. 26 2015 to lay my gambling addiction to rest. Since then I have struggled very hard with it. I have reached out to GA in my area, CR (Celebrate Recovery Program) and god to help give me the willpower and strength to look past this addiction. But with night sweats, night mares, sleepless nights, irritation to everyone I can admit of my struggles. After researching many websites looking for answers I finally found this site, where real people can relate to the same addiction. My addiction was poker machines, lottery tickets, and bingo halls. Please help with advice in this struggling time. Thanks for reading.

Hi there,

Thank you for sharing you story with us. It sounds like you have been going through an incredibly difficult time recently with your gambling. You story sounds like something many people who are reading this could empathise with. It is very common to have such a physical reaction when trying to give up gambling. It sounds like you’ve been proactive in seeking help and attending GA and CR. Perhaps it might be worthwhile seeing a one on one face to face counsellor. It is a free service available to you and there are counsellors available in your area. If you were interested in seeing a counsellor, I would encourage you to call Gambling Helpline on 1800 858 858 and they can help find one closest to you. The Gambling Helpline can also provide you with telephone and online counselling, which may be of benefit in discovering other ways to help you give up gambling

There is also some useful information on the NSW gambling help website, and self-help modules. 

Kind regards,

Counsellor Sam


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