Hi it’s Stephen hope everyone’s well it’s been a week since I’ve gambled and I feel each day I’m gaining more control the urges are still there more than ever but I’m fighting as hard as I can to beat this devil that is gambling it’s the hardesting thing I’ve ever had to deal with it each day is so hard I want to gamble every waking second but I’m not going to take 7 years off my life and I’m not letting it take anymore my advice is never start gambling it’s a terrible habit. That can ruin life’s I hope I can continue to fight this with the help off my family who I owe everything to for helping do this and the gambling counsellor who keeps me focused sharing my stories has helped me a lot to share with people that have this same fight I’m determined to not let this win


Hi Stephen,

Thank you for your post on real stories. I’m glad to hear that you are going well with not gambling. It sounds like you’re gaining confidence in yourself in being able to manage and understand your urges. It sounds like it has been a long time coming and I’m really glad that you’ve been able to start the process of recovery.

It is also really good that you’ve found your gambling counselling helpful – sometimes having a person for support can make all the difference. Particularly understanding what your triggers to gamble are, and to keep focused on the reasons that you want to stop gambling. If you are having a day where you’re struggling with an urge, you are more than welcome to call us on 1800 858 858 for some counselling support.

It also sounds like it is helpful for you to write things down and keep track of your recovery. I’d encourage you to do that as it can be great to read back over what you have written and look at where you’ve come from. Other than that, well done Stephen – ¬†and thank you for sharing your story with us.

All the best, Counsellor Sam



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