Hi it’s Stephen again so I’ve been placing a few controlled bets with Somone else putting the bets on for me and I felt really good still being able to have a bet but not having access to the bets myself I feel really in control so I reopnded my betting account as I felt I was in control but after a couple off loses I started chasing my money as I use to do I lost 140 dollars I’m so frustrated with myself I wasn’t no where near as in control as I thought the postive was I stopped shut my account and restarting my bid to stop gambling I know I can do it I just have to be strong gambling is an demon that can drag you in so easily let’s hope this is my last bet as I realised the small bets were what triggered my gambling


Hi Stephen,

Thank you for giving us an update on how you are going with your journey. I’m sorry to hear that you slipped up and that you didn’t have the amount of control you thought you did. It sounds like you were able to reflect on the situation and use it as a learning experience. I’m sure many people reading this have had a similar experience to you. It sounds like at the moment in order to avoid that trigger, it may be best not placing any bets at all.

Stephen it sounds like you are trying to managing your gambling on your own and I’m wondering whether you have reached out for help from a professional gambling counsellor? If you haven’t, I would encourage you to call the gamblers helpline on 1800 858 858. They can help link you in with a face to face counsellor nearby to you. 

All the best Stephen,

Counsellor Sam.

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