Hi I Sam n I really need help..I just can’t stop gambling no matter how hard I try. Every day I lost 1000 to 3000..lost 70000 the last 3 months. How fff have I been..lost 9000 the last three day..can someone tell me how to stop cos I really want to stop. I do anything to try n stay away from tab n online betting .I just close my centre bet account .should have close it 7 months Ago. I hope tonight is the last time I place a bet. Pls god. Help me stop. I don’t want to gamble all my hard earning. Got no house or car. No wife no kids. Wht have I done. Wasted 17 yrs off my hard earn money. If I have a choice I chop off my hand to stop me betting. .Help me god. Help me


Your cries for help and desire to receive help places you a good position to change the course of where things are going. As you’ve indicated in your sharing, you’ve tried very hard to stop on your own but it has not worked. Have you tried any form of gambling counseling with an experienced and trained counselor who specializes in this problem before Sam? If not, I can only highly encourage you to do so. The next step will require you to make a phone call to Gambling Help on 1800 482 482. Call them today Sam because nothing changes if nothing changes.

Counsellor Sam

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