I lost about $200,000 dollars in 3 years of gambling. I have big debt on my shoulders now but I have to stop because this is only way to get better. Getting better will take time but it is only sure thing if I stop playing that I might get better. So all of you gambling today please stop and get better get your life back. God bless you all.


Thanks for sharing your story with us all Dave. It sounds like you have had a rough few years with gambling, but it is so great to hear that you are doing well now and motivated to change. What you write is very true- the only way to stop the debt it to stop gambling. Even though it might feel at times that a win could help pay back the debt, this is just an illusion. The reality is that if you keep gambling, your debts will just get bigger and bigger, and you must stay strong in resisting temptation.

If you ever feel that you need help with stopping to gamble, or even just someone to talk to about it, know that help is always available. You can call the free 24/7 counselling line, Gambling Help, on 1800 858 858. You can also visit the website www.gamblinghelp.nsw.gov.au . Both on the website or through the phone line you can get details of free treatment options that are available throughout NSW.

All the best Dave- keep up the good work!
Counsellor Sam

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