I always come here to read stories about other people to ecourage myself not to gamble. I relapse yesterday and lost 100k plus to the online bookies. I told my wife and i felt so sorry for her as it is our hard earned money. We saved like hell and i lost it. I am do depressed. I find that there should be just one website that we can self exclude which will self exclude all the bookies in australia


Hi there,

Thank you for sharing you story with us. I am really glad to hear that reading stories about other people encourages you not to gamble. I can hear you are feeling very disappointed with yourself after you relapsed. Sometimes it can be really helpful to have an ongoing counsellor to talk to about what has been going on. Face to face counselling is a free service for you and I would encourage you to call the gamblers helpline on 1800 858 858. They can help link you in with a counsellor nearby for you. 

There are also self-exclusion options available for you like you mentioned above. You can also speak with Gambler’s Helpline about how to put that in place. 

All the best,

Counsellor Sam.

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