I cannot beleive I’m here, but I am, I cannot beleive what I have done, but I did, and I cannot beleive my life has come to this point, but it has. Hi my name is Tom, I’m 21 years old and I have a serious gambling problem.

As a teenager I grew up in a loving family, I had a long term girlfriend, I was popular at school and I was an up and coming sports person destined for a good future. When I finished year 12 i enrolled at university and did well in my first year in which my gambling was at a controlled and social level. When my 2nd year of university started I moved out with my girlfriend of 6 years who after 3 months of living together suddenly left me and at that moment my life turned for the absolute worst

After moving back home with my parents I got a permanent part time job 4 days a week which suited me well as I w as recovering from depression. The pay was good but it was all being deposited into my online TAB account which was so damn stupid of me. My friends would ask me to do things with them, like go boating, or clubbing but I would Palm them off in order to gamble. To make myself feel better I gambled considerably more than what I had done in the past. Yeah sure I had a few good returns but that means absolutely nothing now.

At this moment in my life I have no money to my name, I live pay check to pay check and if I’m lucky it will last 3-4 days. I can’t register my car which is due this week, and I can’t even spend my own money on things to please me. I have confronted my parents 3 times about my gambling issues and here I am again in deeper trouble than before. To make it even worse I’m in debt with my credit card.

Why has my life gotten to this point. I’m absolutely devasted, I’m 21 years old, this should be the best years of my life but I have ruined my chance all because of gambling!!! I need desperate help and fast, I wake up every morning sick to my stomach, and I would lieing if I have never thought about suicide.

If there are any other people my age that are struggling please stop gambling, I’m going to try my absolute hardest this time, this is my life on the line here, I don’t want to let my family or friends down anymore, I’m sick of crying myself to sleep I’m sick of the negative thoughts and I’m sick of having no money to my name.

Please someone help me,,


Hi Thomas,

Thank you for sharing so openly about the devastation which gambling has had on your life. From your teenage years to your first year of university, things generally sound like they were going well. However, things seemed to have gone down
hills during your second year of university after your girlfriend left you.

Online gambling must have had some function in your life at that period and increasing your time and expenditure on it has resulted in decreased positive returns both financially and emotionally. Having admitted that you’ve got a problem, the next step will involve accepting some help from expertise who help other problem gamblers as part of their daily job.

I encourage you to extend these first steps you’ve taken by speaking with a gambling counselor through calling Gambling Help on 1800 858 858 and not trying to get through this on your own. There are people on the other end waiting to listen and support you and hopefully also to link you up with a face to face counselor. Many others in a similar position to yourself have successfully come out of this problem, which should give you great hope for a new future. Give them a call Thomas.

Counsellor Sam


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