Hello everybody! My name is Victor, I played the lottery for 4 years and never missed any circulation of four lotteries. Whenever buying 1 ticket for each draw, and always hoping to hit the jackpot! Sometimes, hoping for victory in the recent rescue of life … Always wanted to win and wanted to where and how I spend money. Each time check the Australian lotto results on the Internet, so no one knew when I win. And during this time I was so used to play, and forget that I’m playing to win and I did it as I go to work … And that’s when I really stopped to hope I win !!! My advice to you – plays not hoping or thinking about money! Good luck!


Dear Victor,

Thank you for sharing your story about your gambling and your difficulties with the lottery. It sounds like you had a difficult four years but it is fantastic to hear you are doing well now and motivated to change.You raised a very important point – when you are gambling it’s important to focus on playing for the fun of it not for financial gain or the win. It sounds like in the end that was a very helpful strategy for you.  

For those reading this story and experiencing similar problems please reach out and seek support. You may like to call the Gambling Helpline 24/7 and speak to a trained counsellor (Gambling Helpline 1800858858) who can refer you on to speak to someone you can support you to continue your road to recovery.

You can also visit the Gambling Help Site and look at the Self-Help-Booklet that can be used to help control you’re gambling.


Counsellor Sam

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