I shared my story yesterday, and forgot to tell you all that all of us that do have addictions of any type, have to hit rock bottom, before we can lift ourselves up, and dust away the crap we have put ourselves and our loved ones through. And I assure all of you that it can be done… Just focus, be faithful, and feel the freedom after you have walked away from the soul destroying terrible habit. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that I can walk past any hotel and not feel the urge to want to go in and blow all my money. My gambling days are over, and I never thought I would be able to say this, and now help others that are going through what I went through, when I would blow all my pension, every fortnight on those bloody machines. Many years ago, my son said to me, and I have never forgotten, ” Look around at the people that are sitting beside you Mum, when you are caught up in the pokies”. We all blend in , and all look so desperate and lost in a world that simply destroys ours and our loved ones lives. I have never forgotten my son saying those words to me some years ago. Instead of wasting your money, time and energy, on those blood sucking machines, take the dog for a walk in the rain, hail or shine, and I guarantee you will feel so much better afterwards. Instead of being in a black place inside those gaming venues , we can be out enjoying fresh air and releasing all the emotions we have due to the destruction gambling has caused. You will never ever know, if you don’t at least try.
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