I am very fortunate to be able to say I am a reformed gambler, and it has been over 3 years since I last played a pokie machine. For about 5 years , on and off, I would frequent any pub that had machines and bet until I would have to walk out with nothing left in my wallet or bank account. I was deceitful to my family and friends, and became someone I now look back on and loathe. The self loathing ends up ruining the life that should be so so special. I have since lost my Mum, and the guilt I deal with on a daily basis , because of my dishonesty to Mum , is sometimes just so overwhelming, it makes me physically ill. I gambled on a regular basis, and eventually had to sell my home, and years later I am still punishing myself on a daily basis, for the stupid choices I made back then. And I am now on the rental roller coaster ride to hell, at age 54. To all those people out there that don’t believe they have enough inner strength to quit, think again. If a born loser , such as myself , can walk away from the soul destroying and addictive habit that takes over your every thought, then anyone can achieve the greatness that I have . All you have to do is make a promise to yourself that you will never go there again, and stand by your promise. Otherwise , you feel more of a loser if you can’t stand by your own decision. For me it has meant banning myself from any type of Hotel that has any form of gambling. And I have stuck by my promise, and NOT gone anywhere near a gambling venue since I made that promise to myself over 3 years ago. I am now able to help others with gambling problems, and make them see just how damaging the whole gambling industry is to the gambler , and their loved ones. When I had the major gambling problem that took over my entire life, I had no-one to help me to see just what damage I was causing myself, but somehow, I was able to make the decision to stop, and I have not looked back since. It can be done…You can become a reformed gambler. Determination is the key word, and finding a genuine, honest and loyal friend to talk to also helps. I am very happy to help anyone that is struggling with a gambling addiction, because I have been there, and am now able to see it for what it really is. It is a soul destroying choice , and is evil beyond words. If you continue to gamble, then you are only helping line the pockets of the organizations that are happy to suck you dry financially and emotionally . Why not just drive along a main road, and throw handfuls of money out the window if you are happy to just blow hundreds of dollars making the rich get richer. Think long and hard before you throw your money away. Once it’s gone. You can’t and won’t win it back. The gambler always loses.
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