After many.years of Gambling on slots I have suddenly lost the urge to gamble I haven’t gambled on the slots for about two months I have lost interest and actually the thought of gambling on the machines bores me I don’t know why I never every thought I would get to this stage its a wonderful feeling and I feel in control now


Dear Louise,

Thank you for sharing your story about gambling and your experiences with overcoming the urge to gamble. It’s fantastic to hear that you feel in control again after feeling like you had lost control for so long. Many people find it very hard to stop gambling so well done!

For those reading this story and experiencing similar problems please reach out and seek support. You may like to call the Gambling Helpline 24/7 and speak to a trained counsellor (Gambling Helpline 1800858858) who can refer you on to speak to someone you can support you to continue your road to recovery.

You can also visit the Gambling Help Site and look at the Self-Help-Booklet that can be used to help control you’re gambling.

Counsellor Sam

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