Hi Liam,

Thank you for sharing your story about how difficult it was for you when you were gambling out of control and not achieving when you compared yourself to your friends. It’s good to see that you have got your life moving in a positive direction since you have stopped gambling.  With support you have been able to control your gambling and finish your degree while at the same time gaining some insight into your gambling behaviour. You raised an important point regarding your recovery and how support was central for you to regain control over your gambling. It’s good to see that you are also able to save enough money to enjoy a holiday to Bali. I hope others can take hope from your positive experiences and realise the importance of seeking help or providing support to those with gambling  problems.  For those reading this story and experiencing similar problems please reach out and seek support early. You may like to call the Gambling Helpline 24/7 and speak to a trained counsellor to begin your journey to change your gambling behaviour or the behaviour of a loved one (Gambling Helpline 1800858858). 

However, your story illustrates the importance of talking to someone who you trust as a beginning step.

Have a great holiday in Bali.

Counsellor Sam

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