Hi my name is Sam..just want to say how f_ _k I been..the last 16 yrs I been gambling like crazy..work so hard for my money n lost it all..can’t believe how stupid I been..the last 8 months I have hit rock bottom..lost 2000 to 6000 every weeks on stupid horse n multi..want to quit but it so hard to do it..always think off my lost..keep chasing..been up all night gambling over sea racing..pls can someone tell me how to stop..think the only way to stop is to kill yourself..cos that the only way u will stop thinking n chasing your lost..think I lost more then 3.mil the last 16 yrs .how fff am I..very fff I think..pls someone help me


Hi Sam,

Thank you for writing again. Experienced counsellors are out there ready to help you and guide you through this difficult problem. Many other people before you who have gone through similar problems have benefited greatly from the expertise of
counsellors who are trained to help gamblers day-in, day-out. So I encourage you to lean on their expertise and accept the support that is freely available by calling Gambling Help on 1800 858 858. Give them a try Sam.

Counsellor Sam

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