I have been gambling for 20 years on and off. For me i was hiding trauma and pain and the gambling would keep me numb to it all.I would lie and make excuses because i was ashamed that i wasn’t coping and was lonely and sad.Toady after 18 months of no gambling i went to the club and realised that the gambling urge is powerful and i am going to be kind to myself and learn that it is a slip up and not to do it again.You need to stay away and abstain and i am learning that.i also have been getting help for my personal issues and it helps. It is a whole process and don’t give up out there.I know your pain and there is help.Please know that not everyone will judge you and i believe in you all that you can make it. Bless you all and good luck on your journey.


Dear Dianne,

Thank you for sharing your story which encourages those experiencing gambling problems to seek help. You have raised an important issue about how difficult it can be to resist the urge to gamble even after 18 months of abstinence. Reaching out for help is important particularly when you have tried so hard not to gamble and the temptation becomes too hard and you have a slip.

For those reading this story and experiencing similar problems please reach out and seek support. You may like to call the Gambling Helpline 24/7 and speak to a trained counsellor (Gambling Helpline 1800858858). 

You can also visit the Gambling Help Site and look at the Self-Help-Booklet. In the section – Step Three there is advice about managing gambling urges.


Counsellor Sam

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