today i will have all my finanes on me for the first time in my six months recovery , i feel that i will be tempted to go play machines , I dont wnt to relapse as my life is going well so far ,, havent been attending ga meetings much and im working on the steps , havent got a sponsor yet , feel like im battling with this illness at this moment ..dont want to go back to the misery or to day one ,,


Thank you for sharing your story. It can be an incredibly difficult journey and it sounds like so far you have been doing really well and things have been going good so far. It is understandable that you are fearful of slipping up again, but you have also shown yourself that you can do it. It sounds like you were previously getting some support from GA and I’m wondering whether you have seen a face to face counsellor for one on one support? If you haven’t, I would encourage you to call the gamblers helpline on 1800 858 858. They can help link you in with a face to face counsellor nearby to you, it can be really helpful to have that ongoing support. 

All the best,

Counsellor Sam.

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