Sitting here reading all of the stories you brave people are sharing yet again and felt I should also join in. I have found myself in a state of rock bottom once again. This is that part of the cycle where I look for quick money on market research sites, think about taking a second job, wonder how much I will save if I bring lunch to work every day for the next month – all because I have gambled every last red cent and almost an entire 5k credit card. I’m already paying off a personal loan that I had to reconsolidate with gambling debts of 13k (accrued in less than a month). That was 18 months ago and I swore to myself so hard that I wouldn’t gamble again. I have been to counsellors, ga and tried to self manage.. I have relapsed and been on the pokie coaster for the last year or so. I cannot continue down this self destructive path and need to find strength to stop. Gambling is such an escape for me- I have had a fairly dysfunctional upbringing and difficult life and sometimes the pokies r the only things that bring quiet to the chaos. I dont want to be a gambling loser – particularly if I have kids- I refuse to be a poor role model to them. I want to stop for my girlfriend who is so supportive and never judges me. I want to build a better life for her and I- a life without money woes, chasing debt and lying about playing the pokies. Looking forward to reading some success stories on here- if anyone has some suggestions- what worked/what didn’t..thanks
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