I played pokies on/off for years for fun. I never let it become anything more than a social flutter. Then, two years ago, during a difficult time in my relationship, pokies and Keno to a lesser extent became a problem. What started out at $50 lost, grew to $80, to $150 to my worst loss $1000 each week over two weekends. It was always based around alcohol. Anyway, I gave up all forms of gambling for six months. I felt powerful, happy and in control. Sadly, I relapsed about two months ago and recently most recently had my biggest loss ever of $1950 in one night, followed by $1200 this past weekend. So disappointed and so scared that I literally can’t stop. I win occasionally but have lost way more. I think I’ve lost around $8K in the past two years. It’s such a stupid way to live. I’m normally so careful with money but when I start chasing my losses, the $50 notes may as well be blank bits of paper I’m feeding the machine! Awful feeling the next day!


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Thank you for sharing your post on Real Stories. It sounds like gambling became a way for you to cope when you were going through a stressful period in your life. You mentioned that you were able to stop gambling for 6 months – that is an incredible achievement and shows you have strength and resilience. It sounds like your gambling has gotten worse in the last two months and has been causing you significant financial consequences. I can hear there is a lot of guilt associated with your recent gambling which is causing you some distress. If you would like to get some advice or support to help you on your journey to quit gambling, you can call the gambling helpline 24/7 on 1800 858 858. They will be able to assist you and link you in with a counsellor in your area. 

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Counsellor Sam

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