Hey my name is DSI and I am 22. In my view gambling is worse than drugs. I started gambling when I was 17.  I first went to a casino in 2008, using a fake ID. At that time I didn’t  know how gambling would change me. At the casino I sat on electronic roulette and my friends said,”why not try your luck”. I had only $5 in my pocket and I put in machine and after like 30 min I won $470. I felt so lucky. I promised my friends I wouldn’t go back. After a week I was hanging in the city and I thought I’d go to the casino. This time I put $100 in the machine and I lost, then I put more $100s in and lost again. I thought I should try on live tables so I buy $200 chips. I won and then I lost. Then I go to the ATM and withdraw $1000 and try again and lost. All night I spent gambling until my ATM limit was up. Then I called the bank and increased my limit. In a night I lost $12,000 including $8,000 on my credit card. Then I started gambling everyday. I lied to my parents and borrowed money from them. They sent me money because they believed I needed it for college but I was spending it on gambling. In 4 year I’ve worked a lot and saved zero. My money came and went on gambling. Then I started to borrow money from people. My condition was as bad as homeless people. Since I started gambling, I’ve never paid my rent on time. Sometimes I go without food. I don’t talk with people. My face has changed, I am angry and I start to hate people. Whenever I have money I go and waste it on pokie machine. I don’t think I can change. I spend many days in the casino. Even if I don’t have money I go to the casino just to be there to see what’s happening to look at which numbers are coming up. I just want to tell you never ever gamble. Gambling will kill you, like a bullet kills you, gambling kills you too, it’s just that it takes more time.
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