Hi it’s Stephen again I had my first face to face counselling and as soon as I got out I wanted to gamble so I had a few bets and spent 50 bucks and it hit me that I continue to lose and I feel so in control I’m not gonna Let this continue to control my life like it has I had more money to gamble but I stopped and it’s the first time in a long time I’ve had any control like that where I’ve walked away even know I slipped on again which still frustrates me I was able to stop which makes me so happy I finally feel like this is the end


Hi Stephen,

Thank you for your post on real stories. I’m sorry to hear that as soon as you finished your counselling session you went and gambled. It must be incredibly difficult for you feeling like you’ve lost control and that gambling is dictating your life. Despite having slipped up, it sounds like you were able to have some degree of control and stop before it had a devastating impact. It sounds like previously you weren’t able to do this. I’m glad yo hear that you have turned this into a positive experience and are motivated to continue attending your face to face counselling and to continue on your journey to overcome this.

You might like to check out the Gambling Help Site and look at the Self-Help-Booklet that can be used to help control you’re gambling. http://www.gamblinghelp.nsw.gov.au/wp-content/uploads/Self-Help-Booklet-Web5.pdf


Kind regards,

Counsellor Sam

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