I understand the plight here. But what if you like playing the pokies etc? I am a very shy person. I go to my local club to spend very little money. Have some beers and spend some money on the pokies. In my area it is the only way I can go out and talk to people. I have a good income and spend a bit on the machines. Sure, I see people spending a lot on the pokies. Their choice. I don’t feel like I should be branded a bad person, a sick gamlber or a lesser person because I put money into a machine. I spend up to $300 a week on the things. I can easily afford it and don’t need or care about the winnings. I must say that I think demonising the gambling (pokies) can sometimes put such a heavy negative spin on them that we set people up to fail. I mean we congratulate our wealthier citizens for owning or bettng on a poker hand. But if the man in the street wants to have a bit of a gamble on the pokies he is a loser.
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