“He has gambled the funds for his property and my mother and him are now forced to relocate at the age of 57. He used to only gamble at the casino but with technology and the upgrade of clubs in NSW it is too convenient now and he can gamble nearly anywhere as they all have roulette machines. Our family has been in direstraits becuase he has manged to otbain credit cards with 20k limits and has atleast 3 of these… My concerns for my father and other problem gamblers are that not only are there gambling venues all over Sydney but there are too many ATM machines inside this venues now. Not only is obtaining credit easier withdrawing at high interest rates is also too easy now. I hope that NSW gaming authorities will make a move to take away ATM machines from gambling venues as I believe that if the problem gambler walks away from their losses there may be a chance that they don’t withdraw funds when they have to go out of their way to access it. Thank you for listening. Concerned son and citizen of Sydney.”
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