“I’ve been old enough to go to clubs for just over 6 months now and already i think i’ve lossed close to 30,000 dollars on the things. Imagine a years time.. Before i turned 18 i used to tell my friends and family that i would NEVER gamble and that it was a waste of money. And look where i am now.. It all started on my 18th birthday, a friend gave me ten dollars to put through the machines. He helped me choose the lines and bets because i had no clue how to. 3 hits in i won the jackpot of 1700 dollars.. Automatically, i thought this would happen again and again. Its been 6 months now and i havent taken home anything. Sure i win a few hundred but 90 percent will go back in the next day or two. Every night i come home depressed amd bitter as to how my life has changed in such a little time. I’ve turned not only myself but my friends into gamblers. I hate myself for what i’ve done. But i know that just like anyone reading this.. I can change. As of tonight. I will not put another cent into the pokies that i cannot afford. and i will never go to a club alone.”
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