Hi all I gambled since I was 18 years old Now I’m 42 years old I stopped gambling in 2013 I was feeding the machine $50 $20 $10 $5 $1 until my wallet was so empty Omg I walk out so sad I now value money now But before I would get so excited to go to The pokies and spend that wallet Honestly now I have a mortgage $130,000 A car and guess what it took me 10 years To have a baby born in 2006 I enjoy buying everything for her She is a good kid Pretend that the John Howard opened The pokie door and reset the machine To be faulty and your machine won’t win Nobody wins $1 mill dollars Do lotto it’s better



Thank you for sharing your story with us.  It sounds as though you have been through an emotional and financial rollercoster for many years.  Despite all these ups and downs you were able to pull yourself away from gambling, you have started a family and turned your life around.  You can see the value of money again and have a home and a car, as well as a good quality of life.  Really well done for making this change and sticking with it.  If you have an urge or trigger you need to talk through at any time, please do not hesitate to contact the counsellors on Gambling Helpline, they are there 24 hours a day to help you.

Take care.

Counsellor Sam

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