Real stories

You are not alone. Lots of problem gamblers and their loved ones have shared their experiences with us in the stories below. It’s important to know that many of these stories are raw and painful, but they represent a true picture of how people feel at the various stages of their journey to recovery. Since they first came to our site, many of these people have received assistance from Gambling Help services.

By Craig
Hey guys and gals i just wanted to touch on the subject of driving after pokies use…i learnt that you are at b level conciuoncous which is not to far off unconciouncous after a big... Read More...>
By Annie
I have been a problem gambler for 27 years scary I don’t know when or where I will gamble again sometimes I feel really positive and think I,ll never gamble again but so far that’s... Read More...>
By Anonymous
Hi I am a 20yr old male and an open problem gambler. What started as a $10 all up bet on the footy each week has spiralled out of control into blowing my entire pay... Read More...>
By Robyn
Winning is the beginning of my every day gamble Lost so much money my life’s in a shambleBut I still want to go as soon as I’m paid And I speed to the club my... Read More...>
By Mike
I started to play pokie machines when I was 18, just when I was out with friends for drinks, it was very casual and wasn’t a problem for about 3 years, although it was more... Read More...>
By Dave
HI my names dave, im from England, and i came to australia in 2011 aug.. my first year in oz was the best i worked in qld for second year visa on the roads… i... Read More...>
By Mathilda
I am having hypnosis sessions to help with my gambling on pokies so far so good I have known people to give up smoking loose weight from these sessions so cross fingers this will work... Read More...>
By thi diana
Hi again. I just had another session at a local club today. As i only play roulette i spend my money only with roulette. Today i discovered again that for some curious reason the pokies... Read More...>
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