Real stories

You are not alone. Lots of problem gamblers and their loved ones have shared their experiences with us in the stories below. It’s important to know that many of these stories are raw and painful, but they represent a true picture of how people feel at the various stages of their journey to recovery. Since they first came to our site, many of these people have received assistance from Gambling Help services.

Hi,coming from overseas and exactly from switzerland now nearly 2 years,i have long experience with gambling,in my country who there’s a giant casinos and clubs of gumbling,am not here to tell to the people to... Read More...>
I have missed out on alot
my gamblng started on new years eve I was 16 in a club drunk walked past a $2 pokie put one coin in and won $800,have gambled ever since I am now 35.i have been... Read More...>
A CONSTANT MIGRAIN? too me thats gambling!!!!!!!!
I commenced gambling, aged 14 in 1970 and won a jackpot on a “one-armed bandit” on my first go – this was the start of this horrible addiction/illness. In early 2010, I was almost another... Read More...>
Deano shares his gambling story
Coming from WA in 1994 at 22 years of age, I was in awe of pokies. I had never seen them..I live in VIC and have lived in NSW. They have ruined my life..I lie... Read More...>
I never played the pokies until I was 20...
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