Real stories

You are not alone. Lots of problem gamblers and their loved ones have shared their experiences with us in the stories below. It’s important to know that many of these stories are raw and painful, but they represent a true picture of how people feel at the various stages of their journey to recovery. Since they first came to our site, many of these people have received assistance from Gambling Help services.

I am so glad that I found this website. I have been a complusive gambler for many years. playing the pokies is the only form of gambling that has ever really interested me. In more... Read More...>
Hi my story is, I started gambling around 15 years ago. Only an odd 20 or 30 in a pokie. Then I started betting on sports, I’d deposit half my wage in these accounts, yeah... Read More...>
This is my story … I’m not the one with the problem it’s my partner who constantly gambles he doesn’t work and is only on centre link I work and at one stage I was... Read More...>
My gambling is becoming a serious issue. When i just turned 18 my older mates would always go into the pub and play the pokie machines and i would only watch, this is where i... Read More...>
I am a very successful professional gambler. I am successful because I bet only on events where I know I have an advantage and the odds I am taking represent value over what I calculate... Read More...>
My first experience on the pokies was as an underage 16 year old at the local club. I threw in 3 one dollar coins, had no idea what was going on and somehow managed to... Read More...>
I was gambling on big red 2 with two of my other mates Three way share) . We were betting $5 (5 lines) hits until we were down to $8 remaining. i had hit the... Read More...>
I have been gambling for 4 years now and still struggling with it! I have always been a strong minded guy untill i came face to face with the bright noisy entertaining devil! (pockies) I... Read More...>
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