Real stories

You are not alone. These stories are from real people whose lives have been affected by gambling, and reflect the real emotions people go through on their journey to get back in control of their gambling. You can share your story online as well.

By Matt
People need to know the harmful impacts gambling has on young people’s lives! It can effect anyone! Everyone is susceptible! I use to laugh it off, I never thought that one day I’d be one... Read More...>
By Sam
Hi my name is Sam..I been gambling for the last 16 yrs..this yrs I hit rock bottom..I lost 70000 the last 4 months..can’t believe how fff stupid i Been..I make 130000 a yrs n lost... Read More...>
By Lucas
Hi all, my name is lucas. It just started with $5 loss when i went out and put on that hungry poker machine. Now i have nearly lost $50,000 in past three years. Its not... Read More...>
By Mark
A friend introduced me to online gambling site, i had always been following soccer and my friend pushed me to go for it. Initially i deposited $40 only with in a week i had $3000... Read More...>
By Wez
Hi everyone, ill keep this brief and to the point. I am a 33 year old male who has gambled since I have been 18. I just went with the flow until the past 3... Read More...>
By wanna stop
Spent $600 on the pokies today feel so annoyed I knew before I left home I shouldn’t go … Wish I felt as strong as I do now about not going to to the club.... Read More...>
By jeremy
Here is my story. A friend showed me an online gambling site. I love sports, so what the heck. After my first bet it spiralled quickly. I won my first few and thought I always... Read More...>
By Jhenny
I don’t know how to start…..I really really hate myself…..I just came home from the club and I lost $1580. For how many weeks I will not go to the club then suddenly I feel... Read More...>
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