Real stories

You are not alone. These stories are from real people whose lives have been affected by gambling, and reflect the real emotions people go through on their journey to get back in control of their gambling. You can share your story online as well.

By Deena
I finally got the courage up to see my physiologist again about my gambling addiction he has shown me ways to deal with my thoughts to help control my gambling with practice of these methods... Read More...>
By John
Started gambling just for fun, would put $5 in a machine with a friend, and if we lost we lost, and if we won we would take the money and leave. Somewhere along the line... Read More...>
By Thomas
I cannot beleive I’m here, but I am, I cannot beleive what I have done, but I did, and I cannot beleive my life has come to this point, but it has. Hi my name... Read More...>
By Deena
I suffer with anxiety and depression sometimes. It’s this time I am vulnerable to gambling. I worry about everything and everyone. I can be so good and stop for a month, then something happens. I... Read More...>
By Sharon
I started gambling when I was 16 years old. It was the pull handle, hooked immediately. I lied 2 my boss that very first day- said I was too sick to come back to work.... Read More...>
By Dave
I have started gambling 3 years ago and I lost over hundred thousand dollar maybe 150.000 and I own to the bank now more than $83000 . Today (25/5/2015) I will try again to stop... Read More...>
By Sam
Hi I Sam n I really need help..I just can’t stop gambling no matter how hard I try. Every day I lost 1000 to 3000..lost 70000 the last 3 months. How fff have I been..lost... Read More...>
By sam
Hi my name is Sam..just want to say how f_ _k I been..the last 16 yrs I been gambling like so hard for my money n lost it all..can’t believe how stupid I been..the... Read More...>
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