Real stories

You are not alone. These stories are from real people whose lives have been affected by gambling, and reflect the real emotions people go through on their journey to get back in control of their gambling. You can share your story online as well.

By Ratchet
Whilst working on front door at club I would see a man and a woman come in most nights to go and play the pokies and then a few hours later their kids would come... Read More...>
By Glenn
My addiction started many years ago 33 to be exact , millions of dollars gambled away on poker machines a lifetime of hard work and I am broke , writing this makes me realise how... Read More...>
By Libby
I played pokies on/off for years for fun. I never let it become anything more than a social flutter. Then, two years ago, during a difficult time in my relationship, pokies and Keno to a... Read More...>
By Precious
I am in a lot of debt since I started gambling i tried getting back what I lost but every time I go I loose more and more and get deeper in debt. Sometimes I... Read More...>
By Amanda
I have decided as of Dec. 26 2015 to lay my gambling addiction to rest. Since then I have struggled very hard with it. I have reached out to GA in my area, CR (Celebrate... Read More...>
By R
So I’ve been on pokies before never thought much of it, my mums a massive addict and I used to say it was stupid how she played and vowed I would never get addicted. But... Read More...>
By matthew
Hi, when I was 17 years, my best mate got me hooked to pokie machine my bet were like $5 to begin with I was afraid to lose this amount at first but when I... Read More...>
By Sharon
today i will have all my finanes on me for the first time in my six months recovery , i feel that i will be tempted to go play machines , I dont wnt to... Read More...>
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